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Diastema Closure

A diastema is an extra space between two adjacent teeth, usually the upper incisors (middle, upper teeth). However, it is also possible to have several diastemas on a dental arch.

Closing a diastema

It’s important to determine the cause of a diastema before minimizing or completely closing it. The causes can include narrow teeth, extra teeth, labial frenulum or hereditary factors.

While an interdental space is not usually problematic, some people prefer to close it for cosmetic reasons. When the cause is more complex, closing a diastema may be a good idea.

Available treatment options

Veneers can fill the gap without changing the position of other teeth. They are strictly used for cosmetic purposes.

Crowns cover a tooth, changing its shape and closing the gap.

Orthodontics is the best solution if the diastema is caused by a complex anomaly.